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We’re launching Compass early and making everything inside available for free, so that small business owners like you can navigate these challenging times.

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Starting a business isn’t easy. If you’ve ever tried, you know the struggle. What are you going to sell? How will you build a brand? How are you going to generate traffic and sales? Fortunately, other entrepreneurs like you have already been there. We’ve helped over 1 million business owners run and scale successful businesses using Shopify, and we know what it takes. We’ll provide tested expertise on the steps you need to take to bring your business idea to life. We take the burden out of finding trusted resources and provide you with expert advice—whether you prefer to learn on your desktop or on your mobile phone. Your membership to Shopify Compass gives you access to relevant content and resources that are directly actionable with Shopify—so that you’re not only learning how to run a business, but you’re actually preparing your business for launch at the same time!

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Track your progress to launch. Follow our step-by-step guide to launching your business with Shopify. Here you’ll get access to short video tutorials to help you get your business off the ground. From product development to your first marketing campaign, you’ll learn the basics all while completing essential steps to launching your business.

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