Zadiko Tea Co.

Zadiko Tea Co.

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Zach from Zadiko • Scarsdale, NY • Opened in 2020

Episode 1 – Why Zach is Starting a Tea Company

If you’re here, you know starting a business isn’t easy, and Zach from the Try Guys is learning this first-hand. If you’re not familiar with the Try Guys, you will be soon. They’re a quirky group of experimenters who document their efforts on their ever-entertaining YouTube channel, The Try Guys.

In the latest experiment, Zach decided to start his very own business - outside of his YouTube channel - and document the entire experience for his over 7 million subscribers. Zach isn’t just starting a business for the fun of it, he’s building a business that solves a problem he faces everyday. Living with an auto-immune disease throughout his life, Zach has struggled to be himself, find his energy, and keep motivated. To give him the comfort and the boost he needs, Zach relies on an assortment of teas to help him through his day.

What better product to start with than a product you use everyday. In this series, you’ll see how Zach grows his tea business from scratch for under $500 USD without leaving his apartment. In his quest to deliver tea into the hands of his audience in less than two months, Zach connects with a professor in entrepreneurship and a tea aficionado to guide him through his first steps.

Watch episode 1 to see how Zach starts his journey.

Episode 2 – EXTREME Caffeine Taste Test

In this episode, Zach turns his attention to product development. Having decided to start with just two teas, one for an energy boost and the other for rest and relaxation, Zach works with Steve Schwartz from the Art of Tea to refine his palette and identify what he truly loves about tea. With help from his fellow Try Guys, he also conducts the ultimate caffeine taste test to get a sense of caffeine levels for his own tea.

Whether you’re developing your own tea or an entirely different product, it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s perspective and understand what they would truly value in your product offering. Write down those questions that they would be thinking as they experience your product for the first time. Start by working with family and friends but ensure you eventually work with strangers who won’t be afraid to give you honest feedback.

Watch episode 2 to see how Zach samples and selects his ideal product offering.

Episode 3 – New Logo Reveal!

Technically all tea comes from the same plant so how do you differentiate your tea versus the thousands of other tea companies out there? Branding. Zach connects with creative director Joy Cho of Oh Joy! to learn the steps he needs to take to develop a name and a logo that represents his business.

A great name is unique, memorable and… googlable; meaning, it should be easy to say and easy to read so that anyone can type it into a search bar and find it online. While Zach stresses over his trademarking strategy, he learn he doesn’t have to register one first, there’s another way of claiming your brand’s trademark.

Through his naming process, Zach brainstorms emotive and descriptive words in the hopes of developing a compound word and brand that doesn’t currently exist. In pairing a logo with his new name, Zach connects with Jessie Why, a design graduate from Perth, Australia who submitted fan art in reaction to his first episode. Zach and Jessie develop a logo to go along with Zach’s new tea company’s name.

Watch episode 3 to learn how Zach crafted his tea company’s brand identity.

Episode 4 - I Spent $750 Advertising On Instagram & oops

How do compete for attention and captivate your audience with powerful social ads? What makes an audience stop scrolling?

Zach produces 6 different ads to test with his target audience, attempting to identify a clear winner. You'll see all of Zach's videos and find out who comes out on top.

Watch episode 4 to see how Zach started his marketing efforts for Zadiko Tea Co.

Episode 5 - The Launch

Zach takes you through his product development process with Steve Schwartz of the Art of Tea. From earning his official tea-tasting spoon to selecting his own personal blend, Zach establishes Zadiko's first products.

With his product samples and packaging delivered, Zach takes simple product photos with props from around his apartment. With those photos, Zach creates his online store with Shopify, finds a theme that fits his business, and adds his products. You'll even see how Zach is measuring traffic to his online store.

Finally, Zadiko Tea Co. launches with a single click and a lot of work leading up to the big day.

Watch episode 5 to see Zach officially launch his new tea business.

Episode 6 - $1,000 Giveaway!

As Zach's tea business continues to sell out, he connects with other entrepreneurs in the Try Guys community. Looking back at his journey, Zach clarifies where he spends his money and how he very quickly went over his $500 budget. At the same time, Zach points out the areas where you can very easily find a free option like designing your logo with Hatchful.

Watch episode 6 to watch Zach's conversations with other emerging entrepreneurs.

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