How to Set Up an Abandoned Cart Email

How to Set Up an Abandoned Cart Email

“Between 60-80% of online shopping carts are abandoned.”

The strategy you’re going to focus on in this lesson is a simple email recovery campaign for an abandoned cart. you’ve may have set up the Abandoned Checkout in the Overview, so now you’ll learn how to customize it.

Here is what you need to create for your abandoned cart email:

  1. Subject line. You need an interesting subject line that piques their curiosity and makes the potential customer interested in opening the email. Remember, you’re just trying to get them to open the email, don’t overcomplicate it.
  2. Short copy about the product. Remind the potential customer of the value of the product. Remind them why they likely wanted to buy from you.
  3. The image of the product. An image goes a long way in enticing a customer back. I recommend showing them the product or someone using the product to encourage them to make their purchase.
  4. Incentive to buy NOW. It can be helpful to share a discount code or a free shipping offer to push your customer over the edge to buy now.

EXAMPLES: Shopify Blog | 13 Amazing Abandoned Cart Emails (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Here are a few more examples we gathered:

And another from Kotn:

✅ Take some time to gather the resources you need for your abandoned cart email. In the Implementation lesson you’ll see how to activate your Abandoned Cart with your ESP.

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