How to Test New Email Content

How to Test New Email Content

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

In this lesson you’ll learn how to A/B test your email content and the benchmarks for success with your email marketing.

A/B testing has two benefits:

  1. It gives you concrete data to back up what you think might work with your customers.
  2. It’s an inexpensive way to improve your sales or conversions.

Make testing a habit. Set up a weekly meeting with yourself to check in on your tests and see what’s working. Each week tweak your tests and start to uncover your best campaigns and approach.

In the next lesson, Implementation, you’ll see how to set up A/B testing with MailChimp.


Here are a few example emails with strong, clear call-to-actions you might want to consider in your A/B tests:

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