It’s time to implement what you’ve learned in this module. You learned the value of A/B testing, now you’ll see how you how to implement A/B testing with MailChimp. You’ll also see an example in Klayvio about how A/B testing can bring value to your business.

A/B Testing ideas:

  • Subject line – see which email gets opened more (measure: open rate)
  • Call-to-action copy – see which words get people to click, for example “See All Deals” vs. “Browse” (measure: click-through rate)
  • Call-to-action button color – see which color grabs the recipient’s attention and gets them to click (measure: click-through rate)
  • Imagery – understand which image at the top of your email garners the most interest (measure: click-through rate)

Remember that as you test different elements of your email marketing, you’re not overlapping experiments. If you change the call-to-action copy and button color at the same time, you won’t know whether an increase or decrease was due to a change in the wording, or a change in the color. Keep it simple and just run one experiment for each campaign and over time, you’ll be optimizing your campaigns for maximum opens and maximum click-throughs.

💡Evaluate how you want to A/B test your content and put it into practice in your business. It’s recommended that you check-in with your tests weekly.

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