What Tools do I Need for this Course?

What Tools do I Need for this Course?

To successfully set up your email marketing for ecommerce growth you will need the following tools:

  • An Email Service Provider (ESP). An email service provider is a company that provides email marketing or bulk email services that will allow you to send emails to a list of customers and potential customers. In Module 1 you’ll receive recommendations for ESPs.
  • Google Analytics. You will use this to track your email campaigns. In the next section you can see how to set this up!
  • Shopify Store. You don’t need to have revenue yet, though you need to have a store to collect email addresses. You can start a free trial of Shopify to start!
  • Optional, yet VERY helpful: A domain name for your business. This will help decide on the email address you’ll use for your email marketing.

Throughout the course, you will receive recommendations for apps that are available on the Shopify App store. The app recommendations are both free and paid to suit different budgets.

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