Ezra's Proven Ad Framework (PPCOB)

Creating an 8-figure business in 4 years required an effective repeatable framework to create Facebook Ads. Ezra refers to this framework as PPCOB:

  • Person
  • Product
  • Color
  • Overlay
  • Border

By following this framework, and investing 10-15% of revenue back into his business it became a recipe for exponential growth.

Below you’ll see a few examples that include the foundation of PPCOB and a more detailed breakdown of what to include in the ad.

Example #1: Tips to Create Compelling Advertising:

  • Emojis + Customer Testimonial
  • Ownership Benefit Statement
  • Link CTA
  • Mobile Square Canvas
  • Visible Text Overlay Product/Face
  • Benefit Headline

Example #2: 7 Tips to Create Compelling Advertising:

  • Create colorful borders around the images
  • Have the model on a colored backdrop
  • Have faces in the image
  • Text overlay that pops
  • Question as the headline
  • Showcase the product

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