How to Set Up DPA for Cart Retargeting?

What are DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads)?

Dynamic product ads automatically promote your inventory to people who have expressed interest on your website. Dynamic ads look exactly like other single image ads, or collection ads on Facebook and Instagram; however, instead of individually creating an ad for every item you promote, you create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your catalog for items you’d like to advertise.*

You have TWO options following this lesson:

  1. Feeling like a pro? If you want FULL control over your Dynamic Product Ads, Ezra walks you through the step-by-step setup process. It takes a bit more time but you’ll be able to take advantage of Facebook’s built-in creative tools.
  2. If you’re in a ‘let’s launch today’ kind of mood, use Shopify’s new integration with Facebook. In the last lesson of this module Setting Up Dynamic Product Ads in Shopify, you’ll learn how to automate DPAs directly inside Shopify without ever having to leave the Admin. It takes just a few minutes to get your ads running!

Examples of DPAs:

Example #2:

*Definition of Dynamic Product Ads via

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