How to Succeed in This Course

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✅How to Take Action on the Course Material:

  • You can take the course in any order you choose, and each module includes a strategy for making more sales with Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • You can run multiple marketing strategies at one time, though if you’re brand new to Facebook and Instagram ads, it’s recommended that you start with one strategy, test it for 10-14 days and add another marketing method once you’re getting results from the first one.
  • Reviewing Performance: after you choose one method of advertising, it’s recommended that you take Module 5 to learn how to review performance.

How Much Do I Need to Invest in Ads in Order to Be Successful?

  • It’s recommends you invest a small amount daily, instead of investing a large amount at one time. Running Facebook and Instagram ads is about consistency to learn what ads work best with your audience. There is no limit that you can invest, though in this course it’s ideal that you’re able to commit a minimum of $5.00 day.

Brand New To Business?

⚙️ Tips for Taking the Course:

  • You can speed up videos by clicking the toggle and choosing your video speed.


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