Grow Profitably and Create Impact

Course content (8 lessons)

Introduction: Finding Product Market Fit

01 |Module 1: Deciding What To Sell

02 |Module 2: Getting Your First Product Made

03 |Module 3: Start Selling

04 |Module 4: How to Know You've Found Product Market Fit

05 |Module 5: What's Next?

06 |Module 6: Improving the World

07 |Module 7: Grow Profitably and Create Impact

Finding PMF is a powerful force. Your entire business is built on it, and subsequently, the impact your brand can have. In this lesson discover how to continue to grow profitably and create an impact.

Thank you for taking the course! If you'd like to learn more about SAMARA, go to or follow me on Twitter @salimavisram1.

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