How to Set Goals

Goals are a dream with a process and a deadline. It’s time to get creative and allow yourself to dream big.

✅ Watch this lesson to discover the method Daymond has used for 30 years to achieve his goals.

Key Takeaway:

  • Daymond has had 10 goals for the past 30 years (that have changed and updated)
  • Remix the goal setting process. Daymond learned about goal setting from author Napoleon Hill. When you set goals, start with Daymond’s process, but adapt to make it work for you.

Take Action:

  • In the video Daymond shares seven steps to follow to start creating your goals. You are encouraged to pause after each step.
  • By the end of the video, you will know how to brainstorm and write down your top 10 goals!
  • Write or print your goals and read them out loud at least twice daily
  • Create a weekly recurring event on your calendar to review and reassess your goals

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