Visualize Your Success

You may not know how you’re going to achieve your goal yet, though you can imagine what it’s like to achieve it.

Visualization is a powerful technique where you imagine every detail of what it would be like to live as if you’ve achieve the goal.

✅ Watch this lesson to uncover Daymond’s process for living as if his goals are already achieved.

Take Action:

  • Experiment with visualizing for 5 minutes, and workup to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, even 60 minutes as the details become more clear. Ideally you will do this everyday.
  • Start by visualizing the next six months as if you’re already achieved the goals you’ve set out for yourself.
  • Write your own obituary. How will you be remembered? This is an eye-opening exercise that can motivate you to take action. We all are here for a short time, and this exercise can spark emotion you can turn into fuel to achieve your goals.

More Motivation:

  • Listen to Daymond’s album Visualize on Spotify to hear ‘Boss Up,’ ‘Haters,’ ‘Mistakes’


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