Lesson 1: Discover an EXTREME Caffeine Taste Test

Lesson 1: Discover an EXTREME Caffeine Taste Test

Course content (6 lessons)

Module 1: The Origin Story for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

01 |Module 2: Product Development for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

02 |Module 3: The Logo Reveal for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

03 |Module 4: Instagram Advertising for Beginners with Zach Kornfeld

04 |Module 5: The Business Launch with Zach Kornfeld

05 |Module 6: Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs with Zach Kornfeld

In this lesson, Zach turns his attention to product development. Having decided to start with just two teas, one for an energy boost and the other for rest and relaxation, Zach works with Steve Schwartz from the Art of Tea to refine his palette and identify what he truly loves about tea. With help from his fellow Try Guys, he also conducts the ultimate caffeine taste test to get a sense of caffeine levels for his own tea.

Whether you’re developing your own tea or an entirely different product, it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s perspective and understand what they would truly value in your product offering. Write down those questions that they would be thinking as they experience your product for the first time. Start by working with family and friends but ensure you eventually work with strangers who won’t be afraid to give you honest feedback.

Watch lesson two to see how Zach samples and selects his ideal product offering.

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