Lesson 1: New Logo Reveal!

Course content (6 lessons)

Module 1: The Origin Story for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

01 |Module 2: Product Development for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

02 |Module 3: The Logo Reveal for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

03 |Module 4: Instagram Advertising for Beginners with Zach Kornfeld

04 |Module 5: The Business Launch with Zach Kornfeld

05 |Module 6: Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs with Zach Kornfeld

Technically all tea comes from the same plant so how do you differentiate your tea versus the thousands of other tea companies out there? Branding. Zach connects with creative director Joy Cho of Oh Joy! to learn the steps he needs to take to develop a name and a logo that represents his business.

A great name is unique, memorable and… googlable; meaning, it should be easy to say and easy to read so that anyone can type it into a search bar and find it online. While Zach stresses over his trademarking strategy, he learn he doesn’t have to register one first, there’s another way of claiming your brand’s trademark.

Through his naming process, Zach brainstorms emotive and descriptive words in the hopes of developing a compound word and brand that doesn’t currently exist. In pairing a logo with his new name, Zach connects with Jessie Why, a design graduate from Perth, Australia who submitted fan art in reaction to his first episode. Zach and Jessie develop a logo to go along with Zach’s new tea company’s name.

Watch lesson three to learn how Zach crafted his tea company’s brand identity.

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