Lesson 1: The Launch!

Course content (6 lessons)

Module 1: The Origin Story for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

01 |Module 2: Product Development for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

02 |Module 3: The Logo Reveal for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

03 |Module 4: Instagram Advertising for Beginners with Zach Kornfeld

04 |Module 5: The Business Launch with Zach Kornfeld

05 |Module 6: Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs with Zach Kornfeld

Zach takes you through his product development process with Steve Schwartz of the Art of Tea. From earning his official tea-tasting spoon to selecting his own personal blend, Zach establishes Zadiko's first products.

With his product samples and packaging delivered, Zach takes simple product photos with props from around his apartment. With those photos, Zach creates his online store with Shopify, finds a theme that fits his business, and adds his products. You'll even see how Zach is measuring traffic to his online store.

Finally, Zadiko Tea Co. launches with a single click and a lot of work leading up to the big day.

Watch lesson five to see Zach officially launch his new tea business.

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