Conclusion: 4 Habits for Longterm SEO Success

Conclusion: 4 Habits for Longterm SEO Success

Congratulations! You have a reached the end of SEO Training for Beginners.

🏆 The goal of the course was to discover how to use SEO to make more sales and grow your business for the longterm.

🚀 We hope you have received tangible strategies and tools to help you grow with SEO.

Remember that SEO is like three layers of a cake.

  • The foundation is keywords
  • The second layer is on-site SEO
  • The third layer is off-site SEO

To continue your learning, watch the video to discover four habits you can implement to continue to grow with SEO.


  • Make a Copy: SEO Checklist ✅ | Use this checklist to ensure you’ve set up the fundamentals for growth on your Shopify store


If you have questions about growing your business with Shopify or questions about a course, you can contact us 24/7 at our Help Center.

We also encourage you to connect with Casandra on Twitter and you can follow @shopify on all social media platforms to stay connected.

Thank you for your time and attention to this course. We wish you all the success in growing your business with SEO! 🚀


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