5 ways you can use discounts to increase sales

5 ways you can use discounts to increase sales

Discounts are a powerful way to capture your audience's attention and convert customers.

Here are 5 ways you can use discounts to drive sales:

  1. Pre-launch offer. Before you add a new product to your online store, keep the product page hidden and email your existing customers with an exclusive invitation to buy it before anyone else.
  2. Minimum purchase discount. Offer free shipping with a minimum spend. It works.
  3. Abandoned cart offer. Shopify has built-in cart abandonment emails which are sent automatically. You can customize the emails and include a discount to make it even more enticing to come back. Be careful with this one. Customers are getting savvy about this offer and can leave your site knowing a discount is coming their way.
  4. The fast follow. Directly after purchase, offer a discount on the user’s next purchase from your shop.
  5. Loyal customer discount. This is a nice way to say thanks, especially to your most loyal customers. Look at your store’s analytics to see who your top customers are, and reward them with an exclusive discount.

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