6 free marketing tactics you can start today

6 free marketing tactics you can start today

Marketing is all about connecting with your customers. And it’s an essential part of commerce.

This tutorial walks you through 6 free and easy ways you can market your business authentically:

  • A blog is a great place to share your expertise and bring in organic traffic. While you won’t see massive results on day 1, starting a blog establishes your brand as a trustworthy source of relevant information and helps your business climb Google search results.
  • Social channels are free to add and are natural spots to connect with your community. No need to start an account on every platform, just choose the one where your customers are and start there.
  • Discounts are a tried and true way to draw in your customers. Think seasonal offers, special deals or bundles.
  • Upsell your products. Just make sure your upsells are related to the original product and be sensitive to your customer’s price range.
  • Email campaigns don’t have to be intimidating. To make it easier, they’re built into Shopify. If you decide to send emails, keep them at a regular cadence and always think about the value that specific email is bringing to your customers inbox. *** A return policy** eases your customer’s purchase decision-making and builds trust with your brand.

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