Enhance the shopping experience with personalization

Enhance the shopping experience with personalization

This tutorial outlines how you can create a personalized experience for your online shoppers.

You can personalize your own online store with:

  • Product recommendations is when products are dynamically served up based on the actions of your customer, like their browsing history. Product recos are tried and true because they convert.
  • Smart reviews are when reviewers add more info to their profile, like skin type, height, location, etc. These details give other shoppers a better idea of how the product relates to them and how it works. All in all, reviews add up to confidence and trust.
  • Immersive experiences use technologies, like Augmented reality and 3D images, to recreate that personal in-person shopping.
  • Easy returns are key. Having a simple and friendly returns process is an important part of closing the loop on the personalized experience.
  • Smart sizing charts help shoppers buy with confidence, knowing they’re getting the proper size.

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