How to improve your conversion rate with copy and design

How to improve your conversion rate with copy and design

There are two proven ways you can improve your Conversion Rate Optimization: Copywriting and design.

Copywriting tips:

  • Know your audience. Writing only works if you’re speaking your potential customer’s language. So consider who they are and what excites them about your business.
  • Messaging hierarchy is all about determining what comes first, second and third - most important to least important. And remember, people don’t read, they scan, so get your points out in the most concise way.
  • Features and benefits of your product are conveyed in an exciting way. Try to tell a story. Mix your facts with relevant details. Learn your audience’s language and go from there.

Design tips:

  • To see if your site is doing its best job, do a scroll through page by page and evaluate your experience on: motivation, friction, distraction, relevancy, clarity.

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